My mom's Thoughts on You and I.
*video starts and Niall walks out* Mom: What happened to his head? I thought he was one of the normal ones. Me: He is normal don't be mean. *Niall starts singing* Mom: What horrible lip syncing. Mom: Seriously his hair, I would at least cut it in the front. *Niall turns into Liam* Mom: See I like his hair, should shave his face though. Me: No he shouldn't he looks good. Mom: Is he a criminal? Me: No. Mom: That shirt makes him look fat. Me: Shut up he's not fat. Mom: I didn't say he was fat I just said that shirt makes him look fat. Me: Just watch. *Liam turns into Harry* Mom: See he needs a belt other wise his pants would fall down. Me: I doubt that. Mom: What's wrong with his hair? Me: His hair is fine. Mom: He looks like he is in pain Me: It was like -50 in that pier. *Camera pans away from Harry* Mom: Where are they going? Mom: You forgot the boy! Mom: Look now he has to run like a lost puppy, back to the camera. *Harry turns into Zayn* Mom: Is this the one I like? Me: Yes. Mom: Good he seems the most normal so far in this video. Mom: Why are they all wearing the same sweater? Mom: It doesn't look good on any of them, except H-A-I-R-Y. Did you see what I did there? Me: Ha-ha very funny. *Zayn turns into Louis* Mom: He's gonna be bald by the time he's 30. Me: Mom! No he is not! Mom: yes he is just look at his hairline, he's gonna be bald with a beard. Mom: That pier looks disgusting. *Louis turns into Harry* Mom: Look its Hairy! Me: Stop talking mom. *Camera starts to zoom out then in* Mom: The camera is leaving him again! Mom: The camera man has realized his mistake and is coming back to him. Mom: I don't need to be this close to his face... Mom: Oh is eyes are pretty at least. *Camera zooms out and the boys and still frames are there.* Mom: look its all of them! *The boys walk into themselves* Mom: That's cute. *Boys walking and go into themselves at times* Mom: Neil did a failed cartwheel. Me: Niall. Mom: Whatever. Mom: Zayn just pushed Liam to the ground... rude. Me: He'll live. *Niall blows up balloon and it goes over the edge* Mom: That's called littering. Mom: Now a bird will probably eat that and die. Me: No it won't * Niall climbs on seat thing and looks like he will jump for a second* Mom: No Niall! Don't jump you can get out of the band there are other ways. *Liam pulls out box and Louis jumps on top* Mom: Yes baldy enjoy your hair flowing in the wind while you still have it. *Zayn kicks a ball out from nowhere* Mom: Yes Zayn, kick the ball to your hoodlum friends. Me: They aren't hoodlums, just watch. *Louis kicks the ball into the air* Mom: Go over the side, Go over the side, Go over the side *Ball doesn't go over the side* Mom: Damn it. Mom: The camera is going away again! *Video ends* Mom: Well play it again so I can listen to the music this time. Me: *Plays again* Mom: Well that want bad, and no one was dressed like a girl, and they weren't on a bridge about to jump. Me: They wouldn't have jumped, and dad liked Zayn dressed as a girl. Mom: Don't talk about your father and Zayn i'm not competing with a man wearing a women's skirt. *Mom walks away to go yell at my dad again for that.*


highlights of the you & i video-

  • zayn
  • zayn
  • zayn
  • zayn’s high note
  • harry turning into zayn
  • zayn

"That look,like he owns the place"
Designed by Timothy Rowan